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· 16 min read
Kursat Aktas

Testing the Performance of User Authentication Flow


Let's start with an exciting use case. You have implemented your big idea and created a fascinating website or mobile app, and you are ready to tell the world about how cool your app is. Everything went well, everyone wants to use your app. Then suddenly your backend starts to reject new registers because it receives more requests than it can handle. First of all, good for you, it looks like you built a product that people want to use. Secondly, shame on you, because you didn't test the maximum concurrent requests capacity of the backend.

· 9 min read
Fatih Baltaci


Django Rest Framework Throttling with API Key Preview Image

In this article, we will write an endpoint using the Django REST framework with API Key throttling (rate limiting). We will first use Django default cache configuration Local Memory Caching for throttling and we will see that this method does not work for multiple workers on gunicorn or multiple replicas on Kubernetes. We will change the Django cache configuration to Redis to solve this problem. We will test throttling with the open-source load testing tool Ddosify.